Arrels is a private foundation dedicated to the care of homeless people in the city of Barcelona

Arrels born in 1987 and its main objective is to contribute to the full recovery of people experiencing social exclusion, especially that of the homeless who are in a critical situation. Over the years, Arrels has served more than 7,500.

Arrels current team consists of 54 professionals, 221 volunteers and 3,752 partners and donors that allow you to perform different action programs. During 2011 Arrels handled a total of 1,126 people and has provided stable housing 200, providing 53,824 nights. It has an open center in the Raval district of Barcelona, ​​19 supervised apartments and 33 beds in stable housing Llar Pere Barnes, 20 of them agreed with the city of Barcelona.

The mission
Accompanying people experiencing homelessness found in more established phases of exclusion, to a situation as autonomous as possible.
Raise public awareness about the problems of poverty in our environment.
Report unfair situations and proposed solutions provide administrations and civil society.


Miquel Fuster was a famous writer of comics when he was young, but later became a beggar. He spent many years on the street and he ends rescued by Arrels Foundation. When he was okey, wrote a comic about his years on the street. Today he live in a house of Arrels with other old-beggars.

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